Share the Dignity

Mareena Purslowe Funerals is proud to support Share the Dignity. The charity organisation aims to provide sanitary products for women and girls in need throughout Australia, so they may maintain a sense of dignity during this challenging time in their lives.

Through our involvement, our locations will be donation points during the #itsinthebag Christmas appeal from Fri 20th November to Sunday 29th November.

All donated products will be distributed by Share the Dignity to women and girls who need them most

5 Hard facts

  1. One in four women have experienced physical or sexual violence.
  2. Australia has over 105,000 homeless people and 44% of them identify as women. (Reported by Homelessness Australia).
  3. 25% of homelessness in women is a result of family and domestic violence.
  4. Roughly 75 women died from domestic violence in 2015.
  5. It’s an unfortunate reality that public restrooms are these women's best friends, particularly during their menstrual cycle, where they use what toilet paper and hand towels are available to create make-shift pads. 

Dignity is a right, not a privilege

Many homeless women, and those fleeing domestic violence, are forced to use newspaper and toilet paper as substitute pads. They often escape violent relationships with nothing but the clothes on their back and spending their last money on sanitary products is something they can’t afford to do.

Share the Dignity believes that no woman should ever have to experience the decision of choosing between buying sanitary products or eating. Sanitary products should be a basic human right, NOT a privilege.

Together with Share the Dignity, we want to help return a sense of dignity to these women who have found themselves in challenging times. The campaigns we will be supporting include: