33 Things to say

by Doris Zagdanski, RRP $4.95 AUD hardcopy, $2.95 AUD ebook.

This is your must-have guide to supporting a friend who is grieving. This booklet uses easy-to-understand language to help you respond in a sincere and empathetic way. You’ll learn what to say when your friend is angry, lonely, tearful, guilty or depressed. This practical booklet draws on author Doris Zagdanksi's experience so that readers will know what to do to support those close to them. 

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What's Dead Mean

by Doris Zagdanski, RRP $15.95 AUD.

In an era filled with change, grief and trauma a revolutionary new approach for children emerges. "What's Dead Mean?" is a true activity book specially written to help children cope with death. This outstanding work combines drawing and pasting with facilitated talking to help parents, teachers, child care workers, or indeed anyone faced with the challenge of communicating this vital, and often neglected, message to the young.

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Stuck for Words

by Doris Zagdanski, RRP $19.95 AUD.

Someone you know is grieving. You've been to the funeral. You've said "I'm sorry". But what do you say and do next? Cross the street when you see them coming? Tell them they'll soon get over it? Remind them of others who are worse off? Or change the subject if they start to talk about it?

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Now That the Funeral is Over

By Doris Zagdanski, RRP $15.95 AUD.

"Now That the Funeral is Over" challenges the reader not only to learn about grief, but also to learn about themselves. Peaceful thoughts, meditations and inspirations all combine to produce a valuable book which will be of immense help to so many. We will all need to work through the process of grief at some time in our lives and "Now That the Funeral is Over" will be of great benefit.

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Something I've Never Felt Before

By Doris Zagdanski, RRP $16.95 AUD

Death, loss and grief are openly discussed in this book for young people. A well respected book written to alleviate the pain and loneliness associated with living without.

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When Pets Die

By Doris Zagdanski, RRP $16.95 AUD.

Whether she is speaking to you face to face, or addressing a large audience, Doris Zagdanski gets her message across. She understands grief. She connects with grieving people. In When Pets Die, she turns her attention to pet loss. The oft unrecognised hurt of losing a pet is given a name – disenfranchised grief. This grief is explained in a common sense, practical and sensitive way. Just what you need when your pet companion has died and it seems that no-one understands.

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After Suicide

By Dr Shiela Clark, RRP $17.95 AUD.

This book has been written in response to the needs of people who have lost a loved one through suicide. It is intended to help people understand the emotions they may face, provides suggestions for practical help and assists them to build a new life again. The format of the book is unique with information provided in small packages so as to be easily assimilated by the distressed reader.

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Surviving Cancer

By Paul Kraus, RRP $21.95.

"Surviving Cancer" brings us stories of hope and inspiration, from people who have successfully recovered from all kinds of cancers- even some against medical odds.  We become aware of just how much more than pure medical/surgical treatment is involved in bringing about successful survival.  The way we live, think and focus all come into play. 

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Towards The Light

By Michael Metzger, RRP $ 24.95 AUD.

Grief is an overwhelming feeling that nearly every person experiences at some point in their life, often many times.  It can affect every aspect of your life and can sometimes be debilitating for an extended period of time, especially if we don't find a healthy way to deal with it.  In this book, Michael Metzger gives great insight into various aspects of grief, from a personal perspective- he has worked through his own grief from the loss of his beloved father and son. 

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Remember Me Mrs V?

By Tom Valenta, RRP $21.95 AUD.

A moving memoir of a husband caring for his wife, Marie, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 54.  Tom describes his struggle of looking after his wife, arranging professional and voluntary in-home support and continuing to work.  Ultimately he is forced to seek permanent residential care for Marie.  There are thirteen cameos of other carers and how they dealt with a family member who was stricken with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia.  This book will be of great assistance to all men and women caring for a loved one.

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What About Me

By George Vlamakis, RRP $ 15.95 AUD.

Jamie is typical of many children who are the siblings of seriously ill children. He feels left out and confused because his parents have to devote the bulk of their time to his sick sister, Susie. Jamie feels angry and resentful, jealous and sad. He wants nothing more than to feel the unity and closeness of family once again. WHAT ABOUT ME? provides a strong message of understanding, love and uniqueness for the sibling. It will help parents understand the feelings of the sibling child and give a healthy re-focus on the family as a unit.

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