Mareena Purslowe Funerals would like to recommend a great online resource on the topic of grief; MyGriefAssist.

My Grief Assist

MyGriefAssist is an online resource that provides further helpful information on grief and loss. In the exclusive video feature 'Coping with your grief' by Doris Zagdanski the journey of grief is beautifully described complimented with photography and music.

For more comprehensive information on grief, you can visit the MyGriefAssist website here.

Exploring Grief

Grief is natural. It is the human response to a significant personal change or loss and it is a very painful experience. Mareena Purslowe Funerals understands this because we see it in the families we serve every day, and we know that some practical information can really help.

Every person reacts differently to loss and every person will display their grief differently. You may feel alone, helpless and at a complete loss of what to do and just getting up in the morning can seem like a monumental task. However, we also know that in time you will be able to look back and see how each tiny step became the foundations of future hope and possibilities.

Grief Support

There are many local community organisations that will provide support, as well as some larger well known organisations that work throughout Australia. These include:

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • The Salvation Army Counselling Service (all states) 1300 363 622
  • Kids' Helpline 1800 551 800
  • Care Ring (VIC) 136 169
  • Community Services Departments of all state governments
  • Victims of Crime Departments of all state governments

Local Groups

  • Connect Groups
    Telephone – 9228 4488 Freecall – 1800 195 575 Mon – Thurs. Provides directory of self help groups and support services operating in Western Australia.
  • Australian Psychological Society
    Freecall – 1800 333 497 National Office - 03 866 23300. Can provide a list of registered psychologists offering counselling services.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
    Telephone – 9221 5711 Check telephone book for local offices. Head office, 25 Barrack Street, Perth. 
    Provides information and advice relating to a wide variety of services.

Emergency Services

  • Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL) Telephone 9224 8888 (24 hours). During work hours will provide advice and also assessment for people with mental health problems.
  • Crisis Care Telephone 9325 1111 (24 hours) Freecall – 1800 199 008. Run by Family & Children’s Services. Staffed by welfare professionals and voluntary workers.
  • Coronial Counselling Service Telephone – 9321 2491. Counselling service available to those affected by a death that has been reported to the Coroners Office. This service is useful for explaining and guiding people through the legal process than can accompany a Coroners case. Note: The CCS will refer people to support groups for on-going involvement after the Coroner hands down the verdict. They do not remain involved indefinitely.
  • Samaritans Telephone - Country 1800 198 313 - 9381 5555 (24 hour)- 9382 3811 (24 hour Youth Line) - 9381 5725 (Business hours). Provides traditional range of counselling. Also run a group which meets monthly for those who are left behind following a suicide.
  • Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) Telephone – 9442 5000 (24 hours). Telephone information and counselling service on matters relating to drugs and alcohol use. Have had some training on loss and death issues.

Support Groups

  • SIDS and Kids Telephone – 9474 3544 (24 hours) Infant Loss Support 1800 686 780 Country 1800 199 466.
  • Compassionate Friends Telephone – 9486 8711 Country 1800 628 118. Offering Support and information to those who have lost a child (any age) or grandchild to death. Also offering some sibling groups.
  • Association of Civilian Widows Telephone – Contact Betty Rudd – 9322 6695.
  • Cancer Foundation of W.A. Telephone – 9212 4333 Freecall 1800 199 222 (Country Callers Only)
    Information Service – 13 11 20.
  • Cancer Foundation Help Line Telephone – 13 11 20 8am – 8pm Mon- Fri, 9am – 3pm Sat. Offers free telephone support. Face to face counselling available by appointment for which a fee is payable.
  • Cancer Support Association Telephone – 9384 3544.
  • Silver Chain Support Services Telephone – 9242 0233 8am – 4pm Mon – Fri. Offers free telephone support. Face to face counselling available by appointment for which a fee is payable.
  • Hepatitis WA Inc 187 Beaufort St Northbridge Telephone – 9328 8538 Freecall – 1800 800 070.
  • Victim Support & Child Protection Services Telephone – 9425 2850 Freecall – 1800 818 988. A government organisation assisting victims of crime.
  • Palmerston Parent Bereavement Support Telephone – 9328 7355 8.30am – 9pm Mon – Fri. A structural 12-week programme for parents who have lost children of any age in a drug related incident.
  • Hospital Social Work Department Can be contacted for support and advice. Most operate an after hours emergency service. They will also provide counselling or referral in the case of diagnosis of a terminal illness.

The information in this section contains some extracts from “Now that the funeral is over - understanding the effects of grief” by Doris Zagdanski, copyright 1993. They are reproduced with the kind permission of the author.

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