Why funerals are important


No one can tell you how to feel after the loss of a loved one, which is why we provide families with the time and support to grieve in their own, unique way.

Funerals play a big role. They offer friends and family the chance to say their goodbyes and share memories of their loved one surrounded by a supportive network of friends and family.


A reflection of who your loved one was

We believe a funeral should embody the spirit and passion of the deceased. This can be represented through different personal touches, including a special theme or colour, music, an iconic location, or dress code. Take a look at our Custom Funeral Options page for more ideas on how to customise a funeral service.

A cathartic outlet for grief

Research tells us that participating in a funeral helps to counterbalance the initial shock and numbness that comes with our grief. Funerals are a vital part of the grieving process as they reinforce the fact that someone we love has actually passed away.

Once we let our grief surface can we begin the process of moving on. Funerals provide a safe and supportive space to let our grief out – what we call ‘healthy grieving'. During this time, you should be honest about how you’re feeling and express sentiments of loss, appreciation, love and loneliness.

Having the necessary support around you during such a challenging time is vital and a funeral provides the chance for mourning individuals to come together and care for each.