Our repatriation services

If your loved one passes unexpectedly overseas or interstate, we can help you bring them home. 


Repatriation is the transfer of a loved one’s body from one location to another. Repatriation generally occurs when someone dies overseas and needs to be brought back to their home country to be laid to rest. It can also be required when someone dies in another state and needs to be returned home.

You can find more information about repatriation on the following websites:

How we can help with repatriation

We’re part of a large network of funeral homes. Wherever home is for you, we can ensure your loved one makes it back to be farewelled with family and friends close by. 

We’ll connect you with a Mareena Purslowe Funerals Specialist in your area, who will support you and your family through the process. They’ll work with you to complete the necessary paperwork to bring your loved one home. This typically includes Consulate, Medical and Coroner documentation, travel arrangements and compliance with health regulations. 

We also have strong partnerships with funeral service providers around the world, so we can assist with repatriation outside of Australia as well. What matters is giving you and your family peace of mind while ensuring your loved one is laid to rest somewhere that feels like home.

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