Personalise the funeral service


Sometimes it’s the smallest details that can make all the difference during a funeral service. Here at Mareena Purslowe Funerals, we aim to offer a complete funeral service that caters for those personal touches you wish to include.

Whether you have something specific in mind, or you’d like to lean on the experience of our seasoned funeral directors, we can work closely with you to plan out a ceremony that is thoughtful and unique to the person you’re memorialising. A funeral is an important stage in the healing process, which is why we make every effort to fulfil the wishes of the families we serve, no matter how big or small.

While the family has the final choice in all funeral specifications, there are a few rare situations, such as a coronial investigation, where permission can be given for a burial only funeral. We will work side-by-side with you and your family to help guide you through such processes and any difficult decisions you must make.

Adding that personal touch

You only get one chance to say a final farewell, which is why our team offers complete care and compassion during the planning stage. With the ultimate attention to detail and professionalism, we can suggest several ideas to help make the service more authentic and unique.

Some personal touches you might consider include:

  • Display a life story presentation with videos, photos and music
  • Create a photo collage to greet guests when they arrive
  • Select a venue that is a representation of your loved one’s life – beach, garden, golf club etc
  • Ask guests to wear a specific accessory, colour, or item of clothing – this could be something that reflects your loved one’s character or style
  • Theme your chosen venue with personal items, decorations or a favourite colour/genre
  • Offer mementos for guests to take home – this could include photo cards, bookmarks, or even a favourite dish they liked to cook
  • Craft a memorabilia display using your loved one’s personal items
  • A custom LifeArt Coffin – personalise this with graphics or photos of your preference
  • Decorate the coffin with special messages, handprints or signatures
  • Assemble a guard of honour
  • Bring the family pet along to the ceremony
  • Drive by the family home as you make your way to the cemetery
  • Ask any club members or team mates to attend the service dressed in their club colours or uniform
  • Capture a video recording of the ceremony – this can also be streamed to friends and family who couldn’t attend the service
  • Release butterflies or doves
  • Keep a lock of hair
  • Play live music – hire a jazz band or singer, or have musicians play bagpipes, or the harp in the background
  • Consider holding a candlelit twilight service and a cocktail party wake if this does better justice to the memory of your loved one
  • Include military honours during the ceremony with the addition of the Last Post and an RSL tribute with poppies

Choose a LifeArt coffin

LifeArt coffins embody the spirit and passion of your loved one and allow you to celebrate their life through the expression of heartfelt messages, poems and even photos.

Once you’ve selected your preferred design from our gallery, you can personalise the coffin with your own paintings, drawings or decorations; or our graphic designer can help breathe life into your ideas.

LifeArt also offers the EnViroboard™ coffins for the more environmentally-conscious individual – an entirely sustainable design made from recycled materials. This option can be given a high-quality printed finish based off a design of your choosing.

LifeArt Australasia is passionate about making funerals more memorable and personal for families through the power of design. LifeArt coffins can be obtained throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.