Anglican funeral services


Our Anglican funeral services can be personalised to accommodate the wishes of you and your family. Either choose from a selection of different readings, music and hymns, or you may like to even have a video or photo on display. We can also hand out printed booklets before the proceedings that include photographs of your loved one and an outline of the day’s proceedings.

How we usually run our service

From the moment the coffin is revealed at the church, to the farewell, there are several elements we offer during our Anglican funeral services, such as:

  • The welcome and gathering 
  • Eulogies 
  • Music or Hymn
  • The psalm 
  • Bible reading(s) 
  • Music or Hymn
  • The prayers 
  • The farewell 
  • Music or Hymn
  • The committal 
  • The blessing

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today on (08) 9388 1623 should you like to request something specific not listed above.