About funeral webcasting


We understand that it can be difficult to attend a funeral when a loved one has passed unexpectedly, and you must travel great distances. Therefore, Mareena Purslowe Funerals has partnered with OneRoom, a video streaming platform, to offer a high-quality video feed for friends and family who can’t attend in person.

Why webcasting?

OneRoom offers the ability to record the live streamed experience which means you can either watch the video in real-time, or you can share it with friends and family if time differences, or other commitments make it difficult to watch live.

OneRoom stores all video recordings on their secure network for you to view later. You can access their private, online archive with a personalised password which you can then share at your discretion. All the viewer requires is an internet connection and a device that can view online videos, and the live streaming invite.

How it all works

  • Schedule: Mareena Purslowe Funerals schedules an automated recording for the service.
  • Invite: The individual responsible for organising the service will be emailed the invitation link which they can then forward to their preferred others.
  • Live stream: Cameras will record the service once it begins and stream to the dedicated channel.
  • Re-watch: Download the recording through the same email invitation and share with those who were unable to view the live-streamed service.

Watch the below video for a detailed guide on how to set up and access our webcasting service.


OneRoom operates in four different countries and have live streamed memorials and funeral services for hundreds of thousands of guests. Please visit OneRoom’s FAQ page for information on who they are and the service they provide.