Buddhist funeral services

The passing of a loved one is of major religious significance in all branches of Buddhism. Buddhist funeral services are typically conducted by a monk and held in a funeral chapel. It’s up to the family whether the body is buried or cremated, and we can accommodate both decisions.

What you can expect

We offer very personalised services that allow for friends and family to choose the music and readings included. There is also the opportunity to deliver one or more eulogies. Please have a look below at an outline of how we usually run our Buddhist funeral services:

  • Buddhist rites, a reading from an inspiring book or a sermon
  • The forgiveness ceremony (chanting)
  • Announcement of charity work done in memory of the deceased
  • Sharing of merits from the charity given to and other acts of kindness
  • Reciting verses of thanksgiving
  • Eulogy

Please speak with your closest Mareena Purslowe funeral director by calling (08) 9388 1623 to include any additional special touches, such as a video display, photographs, or specific music. It’s important to us that this experience is both personal and memorable.