Plan ahead

Plan ahead with a prepaid funeral - Providing the ultimate care for you and your family

It’s never easy thinking about what comes next but preplanning your funeral can alleviate emotional stress and provide you with peace of mind. It also ensures your wishes have been fulfilled. Here at Mareena Purslowe Funerals, our lady funeral directors understand how important it is that your exact requirements are met.

When you pre-plan with us, you will be at complete ease knowing your loved ones will have the support and gentle care of our ladies to help them through this challenging time. We have assisted many families throughout WA and have become a trusted and respected name in the industry.

How to get started

Either come into one of our funeral homes located throughout Perth, or give us a call, and we will walk you through every stage of the planning process. Rest assured that we’ll proceed at a relaxed pace and give you the chance to explain all personal touches you’d like included.

Feel free to send us your details below and one of our funeral consultants will be in touch to talk you through your prepaid funeral plan options. 

Funeral Organiser

It’s advisable to record your funeral wishes in advance so you can keep these safely filed away somewhere known only to the Executor or your family for when its needed. Fill in the below booklet to outline your preferred funeral arrangements so your family has peace of mind with the knowledge they're following your wishes.

Our funeral organiser booklet also allows you to help plan ahead if you decide to organise your prepaid funeral.

If you’re unsure of the price differences when choosing options such as a prepaid funeral plan, or funeral insurance, then use our funeral calculator tool to help weigh up the costs. Compare Prepaid vs Insurance.

How can I plan ahead?

You can either come into one of our funeral homes to make a booking for one of our ladies to visit you in the comfort of your own home. Otherwise you can call to make a booking on (08) 9388 1623.

Our ladies will walk you through every aspect of the funeral process at a calm pace so you have plenty of time to share any personal touches you’d like included. For example, you might like your friends to all bring a favourite photo of you to share, or for any grandkids to place an eternal token in the coffin. Whatever your wishes, you can rest assured that your funeral director will make sure they’re fulfilled.

What does a prepaid funeral include?

There are a number of different elements to consider when planning a prepaid funeral, and we recommend discussing these in person with one of our funeral directors. Just some of the inclusions are as follows:

  • Transfer of your loved one into the care of your chosen funeral home, during business hours and within a maximum distance of 70kms.
  • Inclusion of casket or coffin
  • Mortuary care for your loved one ahead of the funeral
  • Attendance of your funeral director at the viewing, ceremony, graveside or crematorium
  • Inclusion of hearse or other vehicles
  • All required documentation for your cremation or burial
  • Cremation arrangements
  • Press notices
  • Cemetery fees
  • Clergy fees
  • Flower tributes
  • Travel Protection Plan can also be included when you’re temporarily away from home
  • Professional advice and guidance, including assistance with any final arrangements including flower orders and newspaper notices

Why prepay for a funeral?

If you’ve helped organise a funeral yourself, then you might understand how much work can often be involved. Many people choose to help lessen this responsibility for those left behind by organising all of the details ahead of time. It also means you can secure the funeral costs at today’s prices, protecting your family from paying more later.

Whatever your reason for a prepaid funeral, you can gain peace of mind knowing your family will have this burden lifted from their shoulders during what is undoubtedly an emotional time for them. If you’ve been to a Mareena Purslowe funeral service before, then you’ll have seen the way we look after the families of the deceased with the utmost compassion and care. This is the support you ensure for your family when you prepay for your funeral with us.

Many individuals choose to share their preferred style and type of funeral with their funeral director in advance. Once a funeral plan is paid for ahead of time, it then becomes a prepaid funeral. There are numerous benefits to paying for your funeral arrangements in advance, such as:

  • Protecting your family from the financial burden of paying for a funeral during an already difficult time
  • Peace of mind knowing you will have the type of service you want and that your specific wishes will be fulfilled
  • Alleviating the stress of your family having to make decisions about the funeral planning process and allowing them to focus on being with each other
  • Knowing your family will have our ladies care and compassion to help support them during their grief

What happens to the money I pay?

Our payment process

When you pay for a pre-planned funeral with Mareena Purslowe Funerals, the money is invested into an independent trust with The Over 50’s Guardian Friendly Society Limited (Society). This is an APRA registered organisation and your money will be kept secure until your funeral service arrangements need to be made.

The Society wears all investment risk and ensures your funds are made available when they’re needed. The Society complies with all mandatory state and federal laws, including the Funeral Funds Act.

Payment options

It’s up to you whether you pay for your pre-planned funeral in full, or in monthly instalments. If you choose to pay in regular instalments, you will need to make an initial contribution upfront, but otherwise you can set a payment period of up to 36 months to suit your budget.

Once your instalments have been received on time, the agreed Mareena Purslowe funeral plan is secured forever, meaning you will never incur additional fees unless additions are included later. If the individual passes away before the prepaid funeral is paid in full, we may put all current funds towards the agreed cost of the actual funeral, provided payments are up to date.

Can a prepaid funeral be redeemed for money?

No – once a prepaid funeral has been finalised, you cannot withdraw from these funds or use them in any other way than what was agreed upon. However, if you change your mind about organising your Mareena Purslowe prepaid funeral, you can cancel the plan. This must be done within 30 days, or the period required by legislation, of the date you receive your confirmation letter from the Society holding your funds.

What if I move interstate or overseas?

Please notify us if you move interstate or abroad

If you move interstate you can transfer your plan to one of our other funeral homes located across Australia through our White Lady Funerals network. If none of our funeral homes are available, then we will recommend another funeral provider in your area who can assist.

Please keep in mind prices can’t be guaranteed when transferring between funeral homes as there are price differences across the states. All funds will remain in the same, secured trust you originally arranged, and they will be accessed by your new funeral director when the time comes.

What happens if death happens interstate or abroad

It’s advisable to include a Travel Protection Plan when you organise your prepaid funeral to ensure you’re covered if temporarily away from home. This will cover the cost of transferring a deceased person to their chosen funeral home.

If your loved one wasn’t covered, please contact your funeral director as soon as possible so they can organise transportation and any customs or statutory requirements. Please note that in these circumstances there is an additional cost for transportation.

Prearranging a memorial

Many individuals choose to also pre-plan their memorial when organising their funeral plan. All our memorial gardens and parks allow you to secure a cremation or burial memorial in advance, either for yourself or a family member.

Pre-planning your memorial means you can pay today’s prices and ensure you secure your preferred permanent position in a memorial park, garden or cemetery. We recommend speaking to the memorial garden or park you’re considering to confirm their current availabilities.