Funerals Can Be Friendly Family Affairs

"A funeral is such a significant event but for most of people and their families it’s often not planned until the very last moment and more often than not, after a loved family member has died. Consequently funerals are often organised in just a few days and it can be a fraught time for families. Each family member has a special memory of the person who has died and often believe that they know best what sort of a funeral the loved one would have wanted. More often than not, disagreement follows.

That’s not all that surprising because emotions are always close to the surface when someone we love dies and having to cope with the demands of family members can be challenging as well as upsetting. Stressful situations can crop up at any stage of the funeral process. It’s not unusual for siblings to have differing views on the best way of honouring a parent’s life such as whether a burial or a cremation is what they would have wanted. Should it be a joyous celebration or a more sombre affair?

The list of decisions to be made in a very short time frame often seem endless. There’s the finer details of the funeral service such as what hymns the loved one would have wanted and of course the flowers – what were their favourite blooms? And then there’s the discussion that needs to be had about the cost, an issue that can cause further stress."

"Conflict is often part and parcel of belonging to a big family and when it comes to planning a funeral it can be difficult for everyone to agree on what to do. Discussing death and funerals makes a great many of us feel uncomfortable and I suspect my family is no different from most other families. Even though we knew Dad was dying we didn’t discuss his funeral beforehand and he hadn’t left any instructions either. We felt a little lost trying to decide the best way to move forward."

Ita Buttrose is the brand ambassador for White Lady & Mareena Purslowe Funerals

"Thank heaven for the White Lady team who came to our rescue. Their calm and considered approach was evident right from the initial phone call. They sat us down as a family and guided our decision making and helped us work out all the details of the day and then held our hands when the day came. They even offered to do this after the funeral if any of us needed further support.

Thinking back it was the way the White Lady team listened to what we were saying and what we wanted that made such a difference. It sounds simple doesn’t it, but listening is so important when tensions are riding high and there is a plethora of different opinions. The ladies in white have this extraordinary ability to “read” the situation and intuitively know how to bring everyone together. They appreciate that everyone’s perception of the person who has died is different and, while keeping in mind everyone’s wishes, help families come to one ultimate decision.

As a result Dad’s funeral was everything we wanted it to be. Contemplative, loving and most of all, a very happy celebration of his long, well-lived life – he was 10 days shy of his 90th birthday when he died. With the White Ladies by our side Dad’s send-off was perfect.

Never let family differences and discord prevent you from saying goodbye to a loved one and planning a funeral that truly reflects their life. Talk to White Lady Funerals or Mareena Purslowe Funerals in WA."

Prepaying a funeral with White Lady Funerals, or Mareena Purslowe Funerals in WA, gives you:

  • A funeral that truly reflects the life you've lived.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your funeral can be fully paid, relieving family of future costs.
  • Security in the knowledge that funds are safely held by the Guardian Over Fifty Friendly Society, an APRA registered organisation.
  • A future funeral at today’s prices.

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