Our story

Our female funeral directors are committed to upholding the supportive and nurturing traits we are known for. No matter your cultural or religious background, we provide the highest standard of funeral service for all and can tailor the proceedings to accommodate your wishes.

Mareena Purslowe Funerals is a trusted name throughout WA

Our ladies proudly represent Mareena Purslowe Funerals in WA and are known for providing the same compassionate and caring female touch. From our iconic fleet of white cars, to our elegant white uniforms, Mareena Purslowe Funerals offers a refreshingly unique touch to WA’s funeral industry. We have different locations throughout the Perth area, so no matter where you are located, we can help.

Our mission

Families are our number one priority, and it is our mission to provide them with the highest standard of service. Supporting all cultures and religions, our dedicated team provide genuine care and attention to detail in our work that is unrivalled by any other funeral supplier.

We train each of our ladies in all areas of funeral service so that they may best serve families when they need us most. When you choose Mareena Purslowe Funerals, you can rest easy knowing you will receive unparalleled service that is carried out with honesty and respect.

Our people

Every one of our ladies are handpicked for the qualities that reflect the values we uphold: compassion, commitment, respect and professionalism. All our staff are extensively trained and possess a breadth of industry knowledge which they actively share through their community involvement.

Our funeral directors are dedicated to supporting families through one of the hardest times of their lives. Through their guidance and care, they look to arrange every aspect of the funeral process, so everything runs smoothly.

This care begins from the moment you contact us and extends well after we’ve helped create a special and memorable ceremony for your family. Our ladies understand that on-going care after the loss of a loved one is vital, which is why we offer continued grief support and moving memorial services throughout the year.

Our role

Our role is to help families celebrate the life of their loved one and to honour their memory. Our ladies go above and beyond to provide a remembrance service that is as unique and special.

We understand and appreciate that each family has its own dynamic and traditions. Therefore, we go to such lengths to add those personal touches which can make all the difference when creating a special remembrance service that honours the memory of your loved one.

It is this level of dedicated care and consideration that separates us from other funeral suppliers.


If you’re interested in joining the Mareena Purslowe Funerals team, then please visit our careers page for more information on available roles and how to apply.

Our values

We are empathetic

We show endless compassion for families and communities in grief.

We are courageous

We unburden you and lighten your load in the heaviest moments.

We are intuitive

We anticipate your needs and honour your loved one’s wishes.

How can we help?

Our caring Funeral Specialists offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please reach out or request a call back.