Personalising the service

Funerals can bring comfort, connection and even a bit of joy to those left behind. They’re our final chance to say, “This is who my loved one was”. 

This is why we take great care to create unique, bespoke funeral services that truly capture the spirit of the person who’s passed. When you choose Mareena Purslowe Funerals, you’re choosing a caring, considered approach and a team that is dedicated to honouring the life of your loved one in a way that just feels right. 

Your service, your choice

Sometimes, it's the little touches that mean the most. Their favourite flowers or the song that always made them smile – we’ll help you bring these meaningful elements into the ceremony to give your loved one a beautiful, personalised funeral service.

Whether you’d like to take the lead or be guided by us, we’ll tailor the funeral planning process around your family’s needs. Your Funeral Specialist will step you through the service options, so you can get a feel for where you might add elements of your loved one’s personality.

Ideas for personalising the service

It always helps to begin with a few ideas. Here are some personal touches we’ve seen families include to farewell their loved ones. 

  • Photo board – Collect and display photographs at the service to paint a picture of your loved one’s life.
  • Video tribute – Create a slideshow to capture your loved one’s fondest memories and tell the story of their life through pictures, video and music. You can do this in your online customer services portal.
  • Venue – Choose a venue with a special meaning, such as their favourite golf club, garden, beach or home. 
  • Theme and decorations – Use your loved one’s favourite colour as the inspiration for any decorations.
  • Memorabilia display – If your loved one was a collector, display a few of their favourite items for guests to admire and discuss.
  • Mementos for guests – Create something for family and friends to take home, such as a photo card, family recipe or bookmark.
  • Decorating the coffin – Some families decorate their loved one’s coffin or casket with handprints, messages, signatures and photos. 
  • LifeArt coffin – This type of coffin can be completely customised to reflect the spirit and passions of your loved one, using photos, designs and drawings.
  • Uniforms – If your loved one was part of a special service, club or sporting team, ask the members of the group to dress in their uniforms or club colours. 
  • Live music – Ask a local musician or band to play at the service or the reception.